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ChipCure Repair Putty





Great for nail holes, gaps in floors, chips, cracks, dents, even coutertop joints

Dries hard but stays flexible

Easy to use - applies smooth - isn't sandy or sticky

Cleans up with water

Mix putty colors to get even more matches

ChipCure dries hard but will flex with an expanding and contracting floor. This repair filler contains no sandy or sticky fillers which makes applying easy, and clean up with water a breeze! ChipCure comes in 6 colors that are sure to coordinate with any color project. Specially formulated to touch up wood, laminate, tile, stone, & vinyl on any hard surface!

DIRECTIONS: Clean area of dirt and debris. Fill damage. Wipe away excess with damp towel. If desired, coat repair with a clear finish to match surface and to seal out moisture and keep from staining.


For Use On: Wood • Laminate • Engineered • Tile • Stone • Countertops • Furniture




Shipping Details

Name: ChipCure Repair Putty

Size: 30 g

Dimensions:​ 378" x 11316" x 118"

Weight2.3 oz

Carton Quantity: 6

Carton Dimensions:      

  4" x 212" x 834"

Carton Weight: 2.4 lbs