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Repair ColorFill

ColorFill repairs wood and laminate flooring

Permanent repairs to floors and other hard surfaces are easy!

Heavy Duty Flooring Installtion Kit

ColorFill hard surface repair putty is formulated to make long-lasting repairs to laminate, wood, vinyl, tile, stone, etc.

  • Dries quickly: touch-dry in just 15 minutes
  • Less shrinkage: Multiple coats can be applied in minutes
  • Easy cleanup: will not stick to wear layer
  • Virtually invisible: dries to match floor
  • Scuff resistant and harden to same strength as the floor or harder
  • Stain-proof: passes red wine test!


For Use On: Wood • Laminate • Engineered • Tile • Stone • Countertops • Furniture


Shipping Details

Item #: CF41XXX

Name: ColorFill Tube

Size: 1 fl oz


1⅛" x ¾" x 7½"

Weight: 1 oz


Carton Quantity: 9

Carton Dimensions

2½" x 2½" x 4¾"

Carton Weight: ​1 lb

Item #: CF42XXX

Name: ColorFill Blister Pack

Size: 1 fl oz


8½" x 4¼" x 1"

Weight2.5 oz


Carton Quantity: 10

Carton Dimensions

9" x 4½" x 10"

Carton Weight: ​2 lbs