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ColorSeal Flexible Sealant





Long lasting, water resistant

Solvent free, non-toxic and non-flammable

Great for sealing around perimeters, door jambs, pipes and wires

Fills joints, gaps, nail holes and mis-cuts on your floors and backsplashes

5.5 oz. tube covers up to 11 linear feet

Easy to use, no caulking gun required!

Cap included - keeps caulking from drying out

ColorSeal flexible sealant is designed to help protect wood and laminate flooring by sealing perimeter expansion spaces, edges, joints, gaps and holes. This formula is long lasting and water-resistant, sealing out moisture in high risk areas such as kitchen and bathroom floors or doorways and laundry rooms. ColorSeal is great for filling around pipes, wires, door jambs, nail holes, mist-cuts and joints during installation of flooring. It's a great addition to any toolbox. It can even be used to seal counter backsplash edges and seams. ColorSeal is designed to color-coordinate with most projects.

DIRECTIONS: Clean area of dirt and debris. Cut tip to desired bead thickness. Apply a continuous bead of caulk in the area to be sealed. Press the caulk firmly down on the surface, this will ensure a good bond. Remove excess with a damp cloth, finger or caulk removal tool.

NOTE: Color may first appear lighter, but will dry darker.


For Use On: Wood • Laminate • Engineered wood • Tile • Stone • Vinyl • Countertops • Floors



Shipping Details

Name: ColorSeal Flexible Sealant

Size: 5.5 oz.

Dimensions:​ 934" x 212" x 158"

Weight8.7 oz

Carton Quantity: 6

Carton Dimensions:   

  734" x 10" x 434"

Carton Weight: 14 lbs