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Installation Eurobond D3 Glue


Floating Floor Glue
Specially formulated for Click or T&G floors

CalFlor was the first American manufacturer to introduce a floor glue certified to meet the tough D3 European standard. For your health and the health of our environment, we’ve now reformulated our Eurobond Glue so it contains no formaldehyde or acrylamide (common T&G glue additives) and has a low VOC content. This improved formula has the same water-resistance, high strength and flexibility of our original D3/Type II Eurobond glue.

 Eurobond D3 Glue for Click and T&G Floors

  • High strength, flexible cross-linking formula
  • Flexibility results in a stronger bond
  • Exceeds European D3/Type II standards
  • Ideal for wet areas like kitchens and bathrooms
  • One bottle covers 124-200 linear feet
  • Low VOC – Formaldehyde and Acrylamide free
  • Made in the USA

 For use on: Pre-Finished wood • Flooring • Laminate Flooring • Engineered Wood Flooring • Cork Flooring



Shipping Details

Item #: GL82114

Name: Eurobond D3 Glue

Size: 16 oz


2½" x 2½" x 9¼"

Weight: 1.33 lbs


Carton Quantity: 12

Carton Dimensions

10½" x 8½" x 10"

Carton Weight: 15 lbs


Pallet Quantity (Pieces) 960

Pallet Quantity (Cartons):​ 80

Pallet Weight: 1250 lbs