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CalFlor® Flooring Installation Kit
with VersaBlock™




NEW - VersaBlock™ Tapping Block, Solid and Built Tough
(Also sold separately)

Solid Heavy Duty Tapered Steel Pull Bar

20 - Double-Sided Stepped Spacers

The Flooring Installation Kit with VersaBlock™ is the all new universal kit for multiple flooring profiles with additional integrated features. Each element of this kit is built for the convenience of the installer whether it be a pro or avid DIYer. The added features make this a valuable kit for the whole project. The Flooring Installation Kit with VersaBlock™ is suitable for all floating click floors Laminate, LVT, WPC, MLF & Wood!


For Use On: Laminate • LVT • WPC • MLF • Wood • Floors




Pencil holes for tracing against a wall and against or on top of a plank at 1" & 1.5"
Ruler measures up for a quick check during your installation process

Knife notch is flush to 6 mm edge for trimming the tongues off of planks

Shipping Details

Item #: KI75155

Name: CalFlor® Flooring Installation Kit w/ VersaBlock™

Size: 1 Kit 

Box Dimensions:

318" x 2" x 34"

Weight: 1.8 lbs




Carton Quantity: 10

Carton Dimensions

10" x 614" x 1234"

Carton Weight: 18 lbs


Pallet Quantity (Pieces) : 450

Pallet Quantity (Cartons):​ 45

Pallet Weight: 865 lbs