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Heavy Duty Flooring Installation Kit


For Engineered & Laminate Flooring

Professional tools guaranteed to give installers years of use!

  • Solid Heavy Duty Tapping Block – Perfect for installing laminate and wood floors. Simply place against the plank and hit lightly with a hammer, or use it alone by placing it on the floor and tapping it against the flooring to tighten joints.  
  • 32-8mm Spacers – Used to ensure an equal expansion space around the perimeter of floating floor during installation. These large, double-sided, stepped spacers are adjustable to allow for wider or narrower expansion gaps. Use individually or in combination to maintain 1/8” to ¾” expansion space during installation. These will keep the floor straight even if the wall is not.  
  • Adjustable Professional Pull Bar – Works by using 3 magnetic pads to adjust the pull bar to fit most floors from 8mm (5/16”) to 20mm (3/4”). This makes it compatible for many different floor thicknesses.


Shipping Details

Item #: KI75112

Name: Heavy Duty Install Kit

Size: 1 Kit 

Box Dimensions:

2½" 14½" x 5¼"

Weight: 4.75 lbs




Carton Quantity: 12

Carton Dimensions

15" x 14" x 11¼"

Carton Weight: 57 lbs


Pallet Quantity (Pieces) : 144

Pallet Quantity (Cartons):​ 12

Pallet Weight: 764 lbs