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SilverStep Underlayment


Sound-Dampening & Moisture Barrier in One

This ‘accordion style’ underlayment was built for speed installation. It’s rigid structure lays flat and has a printed grid on top, which makes it easier to lay out and trim to fit a room. SilverStep’s cross-linked (closed cell) foam provides superior protection from both moisture and sound (noise) sources. SilverSteps’ extra thick pad provides good thermal insulation properties and makes it especially suited for subfloors with a rougher than normal finish. This underlayment can be used on radiant heat floors.

  • 3.2mm cross-linked polyethylene foam
  • Superior sound-dampening & moisture barrier
  • Lays flat during installation, easy storage and use
  • Positioning tape seals out moisture, speeds installation
  • Double protection: Cross-linked with added film barrier!
  • Package unfolds to 28’x43”x3.2mm for a total of 100 SF 

CalFlor SilverStep Underlayment 











For use under: Wood • Laminate • Engineered • Cork


Shipping Details

Item #: FU81422 

Name: SilverStep

Size: 100 sqft


4⅜" X 10¼" X 43½"

Weight: 2 lbs



Pallet Quantity: 40

Pallet Dimensions:

48 x 40 x 51½

Pallet Weight: 161 lbs

Freight Class: --

IIC: 71   STC: 66