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Superfoam Underlayment

Superfoam Underlayment for laminate and engineered flooring

Exceeds requirements for laminate and engineered flooring!
50-Year Warranty

SuperFoam sets a new standard for compression resistance, noise abatement, and moisture dispersion, virtually eliminating moisture vapor and mold. Plus it comes with a 50-Year Warranty!

  • 8” overlap flap is proven to ensure the best possible moisture protection
  • Built-in, 1” wide aggressive adhesive strip makes installation fast and easy, and to maximize moisture protection
  • Unique construction provides a firm foundation, yet allows for venitllation
  • Completely chemical-free
  • Made in USA

The Moisture Expulsion System

Superfoam eliminates moisture vapor and mold



  1. Moisture vapor permeates the foam through small perforations on the bottom surface.
  2. The vapor is then repelled by the top layer of the foam, preventing it from ever reaching the floor.
  3. Moisture vapor is then carried through the PolySpheres to the perimeter of the floor where it can evaporate harmlessly.

For use under: Wood • Laminate • Engineered • Cork



Shipping Details

Item #: FU81340 

Name: SuperFoam

Size: 100 sqft


7⅛" x 7⅛" x 40"

Weight: 3.5 lbs



Pallet Quantity: 96

Pallet Dimensions:

57" x 41" x 87"

Pallet Weight: 410 lbs

Freight Class: ​250

IIC: 71   STC: 59