Underlayment add-ons make dollars and sense


Written By
Emily J. Capiello
August 17-31 2009


In addition to explaining the advantages of purchasing the right underlayment, Todd Hall, VP/Product Development Director of Cal-Flor Accessory Systems said "retailers must also have extensive product knowledge because consumers are starting to ask for upgraded underlayment almost as often as retailers recommend it. Customers are directing the retailers. Consumers do a lot of investigations; they go to the websites and know about different types of underlayment's," he said.
Knowing what else is on the market is a helpful selling tool, enabling retailers to still gain margin even if they do not have the product. "If a consumer comes in and says 'I want this' but you don't have that, you will be able to lead her to something you carry that performs as well," Hall said.
Hall also suggests explaining the benefits of upgraded underlayments to DIY customers. "DIYers need all the help they can get, although they have an amazingly high degree of success. They are also researching underlayment and they seem to be asking for it," he said.


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