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Cal-Flor Accessory Systems introduces the first all surface flooring repair kit

Flooring Repair Kit

Cal-Flor Accessory Systems, a 45-year-old company and the most complete supplier of accessories to the hard surface industry, has introduced a new and innovative product which provides a nearly unnoticeable repair to damaged vinyl, ceramic, engineered wood and pre-finished wood floors.

The Flooring Repair Kit comes complete with everything needed to make that tear, dent of scratch virtually disappear. It allows the user to match accents like marbling, graining and patterns easily and permanently…just mix your own colors in 3 easy steps! Hundreds of colors with individual formulations are contained in a unique swatch book and straightforward application instructions are provided. For additional information on the Flooring Repair Kit (including a video demonstration) and other Cal-Flor accessory items, visit the website at www.Cal-Flor.com

Development of the new kit began two years ago as a vinyl-dedicated repair product and was driven by the requests of major manufacturers in the vinyl industry. All complained that no workable repair methods were available –and this in an industry dating back as far as the 1940’s. Manufacturing a product that had no reasonable way to be repaired was hurting sales and costing untold amounts of money.

Past solutions of cutting and inlaying new pieces would result in visible seams. Using wax and torches were incompatible with most vinyl and of course had issues with durability and longevity. Using the advanced chemistry developed for Cal-Flor for their ColorFill repair putty, our partnering scientists in Australia came up with a relatively simple process that allows an on-site installer to match any shade in a multicolor floor, mix it, and then to blend it into a nearly invisible repair. Unlike cut-piece repairs, this can even be done later; when no matching patch material is available.

“Once we developed a system for the most difficult material of all—vinyl,” Said Cal-Flor Director of Product Development, Todd Hall, “the next logical step was to make it available and compatible to all hard surface flooring.” “With more and more installers branching out from their core material, a one-system-works-with-all product was needed now more than ever.”

The kit works by first matching the primary and accent colors in the flooring pattern to any of the colors in the specially designed swatch book.

Each swatch color lists a simple formula of the number of pigment drops to be added to ColorFill resin to match that color. The different colored resins are then mixed together to replicate the pattern—be it wood, marble or slate---and applied to the floor.

Hall Said: “During the Installers’ Showcase (at Surfaces), I demonstrated this process in a matter of minutes and was swarmed by installers immediately after the presentation. The reception was unbelievable.”

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